Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Kew Gardens

If you are planning a trip to London with children, Kew Gardens is definitely a must. We are pretty bummed that this was our first visit to this wonderful place! We surely would have come often during our other stints here, had we known.

This is one of the few sites in London that you have to pay admission fees, but it's worth it. The glass houses are beautiful, the grounds are breathtaking, there's an awesome tree walk that's really fun (though it does sway in the wind and you can see through the floor to the ground, which is a bit trippy), an amazing playground/discovery center for kids, and you don't have to refrain from walking on the lawn... in fact, they encourage it! We went on a Saturday and thought it would be packed, but at one point we went at least an hour without seeing other visitors. We felt like we had the place to ourselves.

It was so picturesque.

and yes, that's my little one running away in the distance. She tends to do that.


Kristen Miner said...

Oh, I just adore that last picture where she is running away in the distance. Love it.

Side note: I really liked your brother-in-law Jake's post that mentioned his pictures were SOOC. All I could do was laugh.

erin said...

And you have to pay an awesome Tube fare just to get all the way out there too.