Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Fabric Eggs {Easy Easter Decor}

I made eight fabric eggs so that my baby girl can actually play with some of the seasonal decorations for once. They were really quick and easy to make. This was a great evening project for me.

I used the pattern and tutorial from Retro Mama, and after filling about six eggs with batting I had the idea to add rice so they would be more substantial and like bean bags. After a bit of experimenting I determined it best to put batting in first and then fill the center with rice... the perfect combo for a beautifully smooth looking egg with a bit of weight to them (rice only results in a bumpy egg with weapon-like weight)

For perfect eggs, be sure to sew all the pattern pieces right-side up (seems logical, but I flipped a few so that they fabrics would look better, and they were weird looking eggs), and be sure to mark the pattern as shown.

We don't really have something festive to put them in, so my current project is this basket.

I have been on at least ten Easter egg hunts since making these. E loves to carry them around and stash them in different places. They are the perfect size for her pudgy little hands.

ooh, and wouldn't these be darling on on a wreath? I'd make them a bit smaller and attach them to one of those twiggy wreaths. Maybe next year :)


stacey said...

oh my goodness. how cute are those? let's just say that i am so happy that you are coming out next week so i can make some :) where do you get your cute fabric? i need to get some.

stacey said...

i want to make some eggsactly like yours :)

Kendra said...

One...could Ella be any cuter?
Two...have I told you I want to be like you? I want to make some fabric eggs to! Such a cute idea!

Hannah S said...

These are dang cute! Great work!