Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Falling Leaves {DIY Autumn Decor}

I came across these images from last year and it reminded me to pick up a few extra leaves as we've wandered around Central Park (now that the leaves have finally turned).  For Thanksgiving decor, it doesn't get much easier than leaves tied to thread and taped to door moldings.  

I tried to  get fancy last year by soaking leaves in glycerin or pressing them between books, but neither worked well for me.  I simply hung the upside down by the stems ans that was that.  I loved how organic and natural this looks.  The leaves dried beautifully, and we just kept adding fresh leaves to the mix so that there was always a pop of new color.   

Because most of you are probably in places where the leaves have already turned, you have the advantage of picking up leaves that have already dried.  Here in NYC, I found that the red leaves and then the large solid brown leaves worked the best for this project.  Anything yellow just turned spotty and brown.  SO, if they aren't already dried, go for red, brown, and orange.

The best part is the way the leaves would spin and sway when someone walked by.  So simple, so beautiful.

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Kel said...

love, love. God needs to hit the pause button during this time of year.