Friday, November 18, 2011

Thanksgiving in NYC {Take 2}

While I'm busy finishing up some of my last portrait sessions of the year (stay tuned for more previews), I'm also busy thinking about Thanksgiving and the holiday season to come.  We're staying put in NYC again this year, and I am so happy to be spending quality time with my husband and kids, rather than spending most of the holiday traveling.  We will, of course, miss our families dearly, but we are looking forward to the holidays here in the city. NYC is pure magic during the holidays.

What do we have planned for Thanksgiving? Well, we're going to see the balloons inflated for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade the night before, then I am still debating as to whether I want to get up at 4am for a prime spot on the parade route, we're going to do a popcorn turkey again this year while we watch the parade (whether that's on Central Park West or on our comfy couch), and I will definitely be making mini pies for the kiddos again this year. 

Originally, we were just going to go out to eat at a restaurant for Thanksgiving dinner or get Chinese takeout.  I think I've been successfully talked out of that.  Last year I made everything, which was really just too much for our first Thanksgiving alone, and this year I'm just making my favorite things from scratch: candied yams, homemade rolls, and pie.   I accidentally cooked our turkey upside-down last year. It was still delicious, but I'm taking a break this year.  It was just too much.

Our original plan still sounds kind of lovely, don't you think?

the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloons being inflated.  They fill up both streets on the north and south sides of the Museum of Natural History.  We're going early this year so we don't get trampled to death by tourists.

our feast last year


Steve and Nicole said...

Your pictures make everything look fun and amazing! Even rolls. I made dinner last year too and I said no thanks this year :) I can't wait to see more pictures!

Anna said...

It's a lot of work to cook a whole Thanksgiving dinner just for 2 adults. I'm glad you are focusing just on the parts that mean the most to you (and I'm with you on the rolls & pie -- that's my favorite part!).

Alisha said...

If I lived in NYC, I'd stay there for the holidays, too! I'm so envious of you. It's definitely better to just focus on your favorites and not make a huge meal. Much more relaxing! :)

Morgan said...

you have inspired me to not go crazy with all the homemade stuff. i always feel like things NEED to be made from scratch, but really they don't. rolls and mashed potatoes are a must, and probably a pie or two. :)