Friday, December 2, 2011

Advent Calendar Idea {Teeny Tiny Gifts}

Happy December to you all!  Did it sneak up on you too? I promised myself I'd enjoy Thanksgiving to the fullest this year, and I guess I did, because now I'm a wee bit behind.

Thank goodness I have photos of my advent calendar from last year to show you :)  Don't those tiny little presents look fancy?  Guess what's inside them?  Juice boxes, fruit snacks, boxes of yogurt-covered raisins, and the long, skinny ones are Trader Joe's mini chocolate bars.  Fancy indeed. They're wrapped up and tied with baker's twine or decorated with a candy necklace or candy cane here and there.  It was inexpensive, fun, and I can create an entirely different look each year for my advent calendar.

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Jessica said...

LOVE it! This is one of the neatest I've seen this year :)