Monday, December 5, 2011

Holiday Train Show {at Grand Central Station}

There are several holiday train shows around the city, but I was totally caught off guard by the train show at Grand Central Station.  It is very small and unassuming, but it was amazing!  We visited last year after my sister's friend Lindsay (shout out to my Brooklyn friend!) highly recommended it, and I'm so glad that we went.  

There's something incredible about seeing your life in miniature.  The streets of Manhattan, the subway, the Metro North trains stopping at the platform... it's just wonderful.

Grand Central Station is amazing at Christmas, so definitely go grab some Junior's Cheesecake in the concourse and then check out the train show.  Did I mention that it's also free?    Details HERE

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Lindsay said...

We were just there yesterday! I look at your pictures, though, and seriously wish I had something better than my little point and shoot camera-- almost every picture I took turned out either blindingly white or too dark because I turned off the flash. Sigh. Anyway, I'm so glad you enjoy going! It's seriously one of the city's best kept secrets at Christmastime. My boys absolutely love it -- and so do I! Have you ever been to the main site of the Transit Museum? It's in downtown Brooklyn and definitely worth a trip if your kids are train/bus lovers like mine are. :)