Thursday, December 1, 2011

City Kids Gift Guide {perfect gifts for little New Yorkers}

Living in NYC isn't for everyone, and it's not for most people.  For most families, living in the city means a teeny tiny living space, shared bedrooms for kids, and no playroom or backyard.  We are out in the elements year-round, and we walk or take public transportation to get where we're going.  

How does that translate to gift giving?  You will need to consider practical, versatile gifts that are ideal for the on-the-go kids whose backyards are NYC parks.  

When you think about gifts for city kid, think about practicality and space efficiency. City families rarely have room to spare, so look for gifts that are not only space-efficient, but also versatile and practical. Invest in high-quality items that will last.  City kids are notoriously hard on shoes, clothes, and toys, so instead of buying three pairs of inexpensive shoes, try buying one pair of versatile, high quality shoes.  

If you are set on giving a city kid a toy, consider whether you can add something to a toy collection that they already have (like a train set, doll house, lego collection, toy kitchen, etc.).

A fantastic gift for an NYC family is a zoo or museum pass. Obviously, the kiddos aren't going to shout and cheer for a tiny plastic card that goes in mom's wallet, but you can add that Christmas morning wow factor with an inexpensive stuffed elephant and their favorite treat.  Then for the rest of the year they'll have a gift from you that keeps on giving.  

Chime in, city moms! What else should I add to this gift guide?

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Lindsay said...

Great advice! "Experience" gifts are the best. If a zoo/museum membership isn't an option, something that can be done once or twice as a project or something is great (like a craft project or something). It's fun to do, but it doesn't necessarily create too much clutter.