Monday, December 5, 2011

E's Cookie and Cocoa Social {Holiday Kids Party}

Last year we put together a little holiday party for a few of Ella's friends.  At this little social the girls:

  • Made spritz cookies (which they covered with mountains of sprinkles) 
  • Colored festive pillowcases that reminded the girls to be extra good
  • Ate a festive lunch, complete with a peanut butter tree the kids decorated with Craisins.  
  • Had holiday mani-pedis (red and green toes, sparkly silver fingers) while they watched a fun Christmas special.  It was Little Einsteins Christmas Wish, if you must know.
  • Ate their freshly baked cookies and drank hot cocoa with marshmallows
  • Left with a bag of cookies and a set of hair clips that Ella and I made (We pinned them onto cardstock trees and wrapped them up.  I wanted to keep one for myself, they looked so cute.  Ella picked out all the ribbon, chose the button or mini yo-yo for each clip, and assisted me :)  

I was lucky to have my amazing mom and sister Erin here last year, and the event went so smoothly when I had two assistants (slaves) to help me with the 5 girls and all the logistics involved.  I really wish I could have assistants for every little gathering I host.

I'm hoping to pull off another Cookie and Cocoa Social, but this year it's definitely going to be a last-minute endeavor.  I like to keep my friends on their toes.

Are you hosting any holiday parties this year?  I had grand plans for a holiday wrapping party (complete with fabulous wrapping stations and accessories, and an Italian soda/dessert bar), but I'll be doing that next year.  I hope.


Brooke said...

You REALLY are too much. Could I please just share a fraction of the talent? Just a smidgen? What a fun memory. Wish we lived closer to Adison could come and I could be your slave...

Steve and Nicole said...

no way....this is all too cute and perfect. You are so talented in every way!