Thursday, October 4, 2012

Autumn is Here {A Few Seasonal Favorites}

I feel like I'm always at my best this time of year.   Even though life gets a little crazy with family portrait season, I always make time for my favorite autumn treats, crafts, and local events. Here are some of things I look forward to:
Caramel Popcorn {Recipe HERE}

Dum-Dum Ghosts  {Instructions HERE} We actually already made these on the 1st. And I think we might make them to give out to trick-or-treaters because they are cute, cheap, and different!

Falling leaves display {instructions and leaf-finding tips HERE}, when the leaves eventually turn.  For the last two years the peak hasn't been until mid-November!

Anything having to do with fresh fruit, like these homemade fruit roll-ups my sister Stacey makes (recipe HERE). Picture by the fabulou Stacey

And of course, anything pumpkin-flavored.  My favorite being homemade pumpkin pie (these are the mini ones I made my kiddos last year). I also love a good pumpkin smoothie :)

I'm also getting my handmade Christmas list + baby list pulled together so that I can get working on checking the items off my list before the holidays arrive (and baby number three shortly thereafter!) What are you looking forward to?

Oh yea, and I get homesick this time of year too.  Thank goodness this city is full of fantastic diversions!

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