Friday, December 21, 2012

All Is Calm, All Is Bright {Christmas Party in New York City}




One of my good friends here in the city hosted a fabulous ladies-only Christmas party.  Everyone brought a dessert to share, and at the end of the evening we were able to vote for the best looking and the best tasting desserts.  It was certainly a hard vote to cast, and that's for sure.  

The ambiance of the "All is calm, all is bright" themed event was just lovely.  You can't beat tea lights and twinkle lights! You may recognize the Old Town Imports aluminum serve ware.  I think it fit the theme perfectly, and I love what a cohesive, uniform look it gives the spread.  It was even more beautiful in person than it is in person since it was so sparkly and reflective.

The hostess made homemade English toffee (that was out-of-this-world) and put them in little silver pillow boxes for each of the guests to take home.  You should have seen my face when I got home and saw what was inside.  And no, I didn't share.


Alisha said...

So fancy and beautiful! That first picture of the glasses- awesome!

Morgan said...

beautiful pictures lesley!! thanks so much for capturing it! iphone pictures just do not do it justice :)