Saturday, December 8, 2012

C+K {Salt Lake City Wedding Portraits}







I'm proud to say that I'm related to this beautiful new bride!  She's my cousin, and her wedding was one of the main reasons I went to Utah for Thanksgiving. I feel so fortunate that she chose me to capture her wedding day. What an honor!

She and her husband-to-be opted for a first look prior to their wedding ceremony (which is my favorite), and I just love these images we captured together. You can barely tell that it was absolutely freezing AND raining for the first part of K's bridal portraits. We had to improvise, but it all worked out!  Talk about troopers.  My cousin grew up in Texas, so I was particularly proud of how she handled the frigid temperature and ice-cold wind. It must have have been true love that kept her all cozy and warm. How's that for sappy? Sappy indeed.

Congrats, you two!


Lindsay said...

Oh my word, she is gorgeous. And that dress! Great photos!

dick edmond said...

Wide raged, incredible photographs you have taken, she is really looking gorgeous in this dress, and flower bouquet has increased the attraction of these pictures. They are a perfect couple. Thanks for sharing these admirable photographs.

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