Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Party {New York City}

I love to learn from friends who know how to entertain, and I showed up a few minutes early to this holiday gathering thinking I'd be of some use to my friend Lynda (who throws the most incredible parties with amazing food), only to find an army full of well-trained kitchen helpers and no space for me.  I felt kind of helpless, but nonetheless, I learned a lot from watching the ladies carry out their assigned tasks, and tried to make myself useful/invisible by hiding behind my camera until the guests arrived.  The party started and the kitchen was clean, the sink was empty, and everything was in order. It was amazing!

As you can see, the food was just out-of-this-world good.  It was only when I returned home that I realized that I only took like two pictures with people in them. Seriously, there are two pictures with people in them (and one of them is a portrait of little people who were showing me their favorite ornaments before they hurried off to bed!)   During the party I was too busy eating to photograph the people who were there. Sorry, I'm pregnant, and my stomach comes first.

And let me tell you what, that peppermint trifle you'll see (far too often) below is quite possibly the best dessert I've ever had. Heaven, I tell you. 



   Fill-your-own goody bags.  Yum!


Anna said...

I loved seeing these. So often you post your portrait sessions where you have (or course) found great light (or at least good natural light). it was fun to see what you do when natural light is lacking.

p.s. if you ever decide to do a photography class in SLC on a vacation I'd love to sign up. :)

Morgan said...

wow. lynda is amazing! was that emily nelson's peppermint trifle?! it is SO good!

Brooke said...

I want to come! It looks so fun and fancy schmancy! I would like the recipe of that trifle!