Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas books for children

Do you have any children's Christmas book recommendations? I would love to start collecting them... here's my favorite so far:

'Silent Night.' It plays the song and then little tiny lights appear around the cradle where Christ sleeps. There is a hole cut out around the cradle so that you can see it with the twinkling lights on each page. She gets so excited to push the button that starts the song and see the lights. There is a new verse to Silent Night for each page so it takes a few minutes to sing along with the book, but it's really fun and Ella loves it. Kyle and I have had such fun singing to her before bed. I'm not in love with the illustrations, but that's just my preference.

We got it at Costco for $10. It comes with batteries and you can order replacement batteries online through their website. They also have 'O Little Town of Bethlehem' and 'Frosty the Snowman.' We opted for this one since we like singing it the most of the three :) and it's fun to think that we are helping her to learn about the true meaning of Christmas.


Hot Hot JJ said...

Leslie, I have some of the best Christmas books for kids. Two of my favorites are Max's Christmas by Rosemary Wells and Angelina's Christmas by Katharine Holabird. Both little Ella will adore!

erin said...

I love how she knows how to push the button.

jeremy and steph said...

Lesley, can I just say I LOVE this blog...I love that you do it, I love the name, I love all the fabulous ideas...and WOW you are REALLY talented! Seriously, I am so impressed!
Anyway, enough gushing...I am on a mission...I want to make a story a day Christmas book...I'm sure you've seen them, we all had them growing up, there was a story or a song for each day of December and they were bound together with some sort of fabric/binder type thing, anyway, I want to design my own, but I don't have the actual stories/songs to fill it with...I am wondering, since you are ever so crafty (and p.s. my compliments in the beginning have nothing to do with the fact that I am asking for your help, honestly) if you have any idea of where I could get that online or ...??? I really don't know...worst case scenario I call my mom and have her read them off to me and I google them each individually. Anyway, I will stop my long long rambling now and just ask that if you do have a secret site that would be perfect for getting me this kind of info that you kindly pass it along. THANKS :)
p.s. keep the good craft coming! I have delved into my crafty side since we moved and I am always looking for a fun new project

jeremy and steph said...

One more question..since you seem to love fabric, I am making an apron for my little sis who is a delta gamma and I want to find some blue and white anchor fabric, but have been completely unsuccessful so far...any ideas?
p.s. instead of being annoyed that I ask you all my random questions choose to be flattered, okay :)