Monday, December 15, 2008

For one magical moment

the cosmos aligned so that I could capture this shot...

My Dad and I spent a few good minutes trying to capture them in low light as they were spinning and spinning. I would have loved to see the smile on my face when I saw that one shot was in focus. And perfect.

My Dad's Chrismobiles' bring back so many memories. These two boxes are the number one items we are all going to fight for when my parents are gone... Stace broke one a while back, so she thinks she is entitled to have them. Think again, dear girl.

I love that they are in their original boxes from 1954. I love how excited my Dad is when he hangs them in the hall. I love that my Dad and I are in the picture too... something we didn't even think about but we love it.


stacey said...


Lorrie said...

I don't know, stacey. As your dad's favorite sister, I might put my name in for those, IF I'm still alive, that is. I do have a good lawyer!

Seriously, there has GOT to be a way to reproduce those things! Don't we have an engineer somewhere in our combined families?