Sunday, April 5, 2009

Fresh flowers

I feel like I play the 'someday I'll have _______ in my home' game fairly often, and one of the most frequently recurring items that tops the list is fresh flowers. I was pretty excited that my cousin let me take home one of the arrangements from her wedding and it lasted over a week. (Well, I guess I would have been really sad if she wouldn't have let me take one since I was in charge :) so I'm glad things ended on a positive note)

This arrangement started out fairly large to begin with , but as the lilies, lisianthus, and roses bloomed it continued to grow in size. It was a sad day when everything began to wilt and I had to throw it out. Lucky for me, everything seemed to die all at once, so it made things a bit easier on me.

There's something about fresh flowers that just makes every day a bit more special...

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