Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ceiling Medallions as Wall Art

I am enamored with the idea of putting ceiling medallions on the wall. This concept would be perfect for Ella's room if I had $300 or so to spare... too bad I'm not ambitious enough to cast my own plaster medallions.

This fabulous idea is just going to have to wait. Unless of course you fine people let me know if you see any killer deals on medallions or moulds out there while you're shopping at home depot.


Mikey and Karie said...

Hey, Lesley! It's Karie (Lasson) Peterson. Long time no see. I really like your blog, you're very talented! I totally like the medallion idea. Where did you find this picture?

Kyle and Lesley said...

I forgot the link! I'm so embarrassed... I updated the post but here it is anyway:


gbrooks said...

love this idea. also love this color pallet, in fact this is where i'm going to take our living room as we start to buy new pieces. old antique stores or consignment stores or estate sales might have old medallions for not too much.