Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Fabric Flower Corsage {Easy Sewing Project}

{and thanks to my sister Stacey who modeled her corsage }

We spent Mother's Day in the car. A ten hour car ride from LA to SLC is no woman's idea of a relaxing Mother's Day, but it was well worth it for our amazing weekend. I was traveling last year on Mother's Day as well, and I knew firsthand that it's pretty hard to feel special while you're exhausted sitting in a car or on an airplane instead of relaxing and being pampered all day long. With that in mind, I whipped up these corsages made from fabric rolled roses (tutorial from this post by Portabellopixie) and yo-yos (tutorial from Heather Bailey's tutorial HERE) on the way to LA.

For my my mom and grandma I made traditional corsages by wiring the flowers, then I covered them in floral tape and curled them. For my sisters and myself (they were so fast I had time to make one for myself and let my husband choose- he picked the blue one for me), I still wired the roses in place but tucked the wire up so that it couldn't be seen for a more modern look that could be worn every day as a pin.

I also cut out two little leaves out of green fabric for each corsage and hand-stitched them onto the flowers to give the corsage balance and a little more color. The leaves also served the dual purpose of finishing off the project on the back side because they covered the wires.

Fabric flower corsages are quick and easy and I'll definitely be making more in the future. I think they'd be fantastic for a casual wedding, a birthday, a wedding luncheon/dinner, or the guest of honor at a bridal or baby shower.

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Hawkins Family said...

These are SO cute I am definitely going to have to see if I can tackle these!