Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Historic Homes Tour {Federal Heights, SLC}

Every year the Heritage Foundation puts on a historic homes tour in a neighborhood of Salt Lake. This year it was at Federal Heights, just east of downtown Salt Lake. It was a beautiful area and I fell in love with pretty much every house I saw. It will be nice to even think about owning a home at some point (there's no way we'll be able to own anything in NYC).

Historic homes are so thrilling for me to see. I'm definitely a purist when it comes to conservation (my training in England made me a bit of a snob), so it's fun to see homes that retain most of their original character. So many people gut renovate these days, and I think it's a pity. Photography wasn't allowed in the interiors, but I did get a few pictures of favorite exteriors and I did take pictures in parts of my favorite home- because the lady at the front entry told me I could :)

This house was my favorite... the woman at the front entry told me it was ok for me to take pictures, until I got to the kitchen where they told me no pictures allowed. Oops. I would have loved a picture of the white cabinets with white marble counter tops. It was for sale and I was ready to move right in. So many of the original elements were still in tact, including the floors, many of the windows and wood window casings, and many of the doors still had their original crystal knobs. I was in love with the french doors leading from the dining room to the kitchen, the built-in bench in the entryway, and the breakfast nook. The children's rooms were filled with gorgeous light and I just wish I could have taken a picture of the kitchen and the gorgeous master bedroom with the most incredible built-in cabinetry I've ever seen.

Aren't these boy and girl rooms adorable? So clean and lovely. My Dad is going to built my daughter a dollhouse for Christmas and I can't wait!


stacey said...

LOVE that house. love love love it. i'll move in tomorrow, thank you very much. and beautiful pictures :)

Hot Hot JJ said...

I agree with Stacey. AWESOME home. There is a really neat "secret" home near me. I just blogged about it. It is divine! Wish I could tour the inside someday.