Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mrs. Backer's Pastry Shop {A Really Yummy SLC Bakery}

Our neighbor used to bring us giant sugar cookies from Mrs. Backer's Bakery for Easter and other holidays. I always looked forward to seeing that white box with the embossed red and gold Mrs. Backer's sticker on top.

I was downtown a few weeks back and picked up two boxes of cookies- one for my Dad (it was his birthday) and one for my family. I don't even like sugar cookies, but I'd eat one of these every day, they are that good. Perhaps I'll make the husband drive 40 minutes to get me more and blame it on a pregnancy craving.

Oh, and I bought a cupcake with pink frosting for my little girl, and it was seriously the best cake I've ever had. It was a cross between white cake and angel food cake in consistency and taste. Delicious.

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