Thursday, July 15, 2010

Coolest Cookie Cutters Ever

I'm sure you saw these when they were a hot item back in February, but they are pretty much the cutest cookie cutters I've ever seen. You can even customize them with your own messages. They are back in stock and available online too. See more information HERE.

I have literally had a tab up in my browser dedicated to this page for the last week... wishing, hoping, praying for some reason I could justify purchasing them.

Still haven't come up with one. Anyone need me to throw them a baby or wedding shower? I could celebrate Valentine's Day 6 months early and surprise my sweetheart? Perhaps I could give them as thank you gifts to family for after the baby comes along with a handwritten note? Any suggestions?


Amy said...


Emily said...

I totally wanted these! I also need an excuse. Shall we make them for each other?

No, my real answer is: I think they'd be a lovely anniversary surprise for one's beloved, particularly if it were a big number sort of anniversary, and I suspect that they might even package reasonably well to be transported via suitcase and opened at an appropriate time. Hmm.

Just an idea. ;)

Hot Hot JJ said...

How does being 9 months pregnant and really wanting something for yourself sound as an excuse?

Go ahead and get them!

gbrooks said...

Lovely! Agreed on the comment above about being 9 months pregnant and getting something for yourself. Or maybe you should tell Kyle that it's for Ella so that she can survive during the bar. Or did you get yourself a graduation gift? Being a spouse of a law student is hard work!