Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hospital Stays are Fun {When you are a Celebrity}

Yup, that's me in that picture above. They needed a baby for a retirement portrait with this doctor who is part of the practice I go to... he didn't deliver Ella, but she was a lovely baby with a full head of hair and so they asked our permission to take Ella to the nursery for some portraits.

Little did I know, at the end of the shoot this Dr. wanted a picture of the baby with the mother, just for fun. I hadn't been cleared for a shower yet, they shot with a wide angle lens that distorted the right side of my face (as you can see), and they specifically told me "don't worry, they won't put this one up on the wall." And then they did. Awesome. So here we are with a Dr. who didn't deliver my daughter in bigger-than-life-size glory.

The nice thing is that all of our attending nurses have passed along the info that I'm the mom on the wall downstairs... so I get asked about it at least once a day and they all want to know the story behind the picture since they all see me every day on their way to work. And maybe it's just me, but everyone seems to be so much nicer this time around than our last experience in this hospital. So even though it's horribly embarrassing to have my face on the wall, maybe it's pays to be a celebrity.

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The Jessee Journal said...

that's awesome. I would love celebrity status like that. Even with a distorted face ;)