Monday, July 12, 2010

Saying "Thank You"

My dear friend Melanie sent me this thank you gift a while back. My eyes lit up when I unwrapped the silver tissue paper to find a hand-written note and this collection of vintage buttons. Gorgeous! How did she ever let them go? I certainly would not have been so generous.

Her thank you note and gift got me thinking about how often I express gratitude through a written note or small gift. I definitely need to do it more often, because it certainly makes me feel special when someone takes the time to express gratitude for a service rendered. Thanks to those of you who always make time to say thank you, it means so much.

I'm thrilled when I receive a thank you note of any kind these days because they are so few and far between. I feel like "thank you" notes (or emails or phone calls) are sort of a dying art. Do you feel that way?


Jessica Hills said...

Those are so pretty! I totally agree with you. I often write thank you notes and e-mails and too often get responses back of surprise for my gratitude. I think our generation never learned that, and maybe are a little too spoiled :)

gbrooks said...

It truly is a dying art, and it makes me so sad. My children will be forced to write them though. I think it is important to learn and handwritten notes mean so much more than an email.

Melanie said...

you failed to mention how my thank you was months late :) I try but I'm not as on the ball as you give me credit for.