Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Homemade Gifts Made Easy {Simple Applique Shirt}

Nothing is more exciting to me than homemade gifts. My sister recently gifted this darling outfit to my little girl and I was blown away by the gesture. She is incredibly thoughtful with her gifts, and I love that she used store-bought materials and added a homemade touch. She appliqued a fabric shape onto the front and back of a t-shirt, hand-stiched around the shape, and then embroidered "Big Sister" with embroidery floss. She paired the shirt with a matching skirt and voila! What a darling gift!

This gift in particular made me realize that you don't have to go all-out every time you want to give a creative, meaningful, homemade gift.

front of the shirt, and she sewed a tiny circle right below the neck on the back. I love it!

Stacey explained how she did this quick and easy project: find a t-shirt and a coordinating fabric scrap. Then iron on Heat N Bond Lite adhesive to your fabric before cutting out your shape (otherwise you will get the adhesive all over your iron). Next Cut out your shape(s), remove the paper backing and iron the shape to your t-shirt. Then hand sew it to your shirt/fabric to give it a personal touch. Stacey's method is to use embroidery thread and a basic stitch. Easy peasy, right? She made her daughter a star version for the 4th of July and I love how it turned out (pictures below were taken by Stacey):

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stacey said...

wow i am sorry the stitching for the writing is so awful! i need a new technique...i am glad the marker went away.