Thursday, July 9, 2009

Art must be experienced

My sister might want beat me for posting these, so I'm glad I'm 2000 miles out of reach. I was blown away by these images Erin took of the MET. I love to stand next to a Van Gogh or Monet or Signac (as seen below) so I can see and experience the texture of the paint that gives it life and depth.

Art comes to life when the original is right in front of you. Most of my favorite paintings and works aren't my favorites because they look good in a book. They are my favorites because of the way I felt when I saw them in person. Do you feel the same way?

Thanks for capturing these images Erin. Please don't sue me for stealing/editing your images without permission.

Seraut's pointillist dots up close... step away and morph together to create an image. Amazing, really.

image of Paul Signac's Notre Dame de la Garde via

Brushstrokes tell a story... I can almost see Van Gogh furiously layering paint with his palette knife when I see this image. You definitely don't get that from this:

image of Van Gogh's Wheat Field with Cypresses via


Karie said...

Wow, she got really good pictures of Van Gogh's texture! I totally feel the same way about art. It has so much more of an impact when viewed in person. Another thing I love about seeing art in person is the memory attached with it. Seeing a certain piece again can instantly take me back to the day I saw it, who I was with, etc. Love it.

Il Etait Une Fois said...

Great photos. I love reading your travel log of the summer Les. It's really amazing how you have told of your adventures through pictures. I feel like I'm there.

Melissa said...

Incredible pictures Erin! Thanks for sharing with us Lesley! I love the close up on Van Gogh's piece. Gorgeous!

erin said...

I'm flattered you would share my pictures! Thanks for brightening them up so they look decent. :)

Christina G. said...

I love thick paint! That's how my grandpa used to paint. Makes me want to reach out and touch it... I wouldn't of course... but I would want to.