Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The case for RAW

So, I'm not perfect. Sometimes when I grab the camera to capture a moment I don't really make the time to think "ok, the last time I was using this was in broad daylight at f8, 1/2000, iso 100." nope. I just shoot away. And unless I have my wits about me (rare) the first shot I take is either black or white... you photogs will know why. Good thing I check my lcd.

I uploaded my pictures and almost deleted this black screen until I noticed a little white speck in the bottom left corner. Can you see it? I thought "hmmmm... I shot RAW, I wonder if I can bring this back with Photoshop."

How impressive is that? There's not a snowball's chance you could have recovered that image shooting in jpeg.


Melissa said...

wow! That is really insane! What a sweet moment, too! I definitely have that problem of working my way back to middle from being either white or black. Once I actually guess right the first try...that was pretty monumental for me!

erin said...

Look how cute they are together!