Monday, July 13, 2009

Bliss on a Monday

An evening stroll in Washington Square, Pinkberry with strawberries and Captain Crunch, and the sheer joy that comes from not having to do laundry. And having it returned to you sorted, stacked, and organized in less than three hours for only a few more dollars than it would cost to do it yourself. I love this city.


Amanda said...

oo. that would be totally worth the extra few dollars. you'll have to send me the info for the launderer (if they are as cheap in our part of the city...and maybe there's one up by us anyway ...:)

and sorry about the oxford comment...glad you aren't offended. haha... but cambridge is so much more open (to visit/walk around in/has a pasture of cows in front of king's college) i think i enjoyed the large grassy areas all over...oxford is a little more enclosed, the colleges spiral in as opposed cambridge where it is in a line. ;) plus, because we had a professor with us, we got to get in all of the colleges. so it was better than oxford for that reason :)

{Melissa} said...

jeal. ous.