Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sunday Suppers

I really don't know why I'm sharing this. Maybe I should just be selfish and keep this amazing blog to myself, but I'd probably just feel too guilty about it to hide such a treasure.

Sunday Suppers is right up my alley... cooking themed meals with friends and going all out with amazing flowers, table decor, menus, and gorgeous photography by Karen Mordechai (one of my favorites) to capture it all.

"Sunday Suppers is a collaboration by Casey Solomon and Karen Mordechai. We share a class-cooking-dining experience, pairing friends and food. The food is market fresh, local and organic and the approach is to create seasonal and fresh meals together. The classes are held in Brooklyn, New York, taught by Casey Solomon and photographed by Karen Mordechai."

I am so inspired. Anyone want to start a sunday supper club? I can only dream of hosting events like these... Casey and Karen have posted about their french and market themed meals that look incredible, and the most recent supper club was Moroccan themed meal where Amy Atlas designed the dessert buffet. Gorgeous.

They post recipes from the Sunday suppers too! I'm going to try them all, but I'm most especially excited about this this and this and this.

I want my photography and dinner parties to look like this when I grow up. Prepare to be inspired...

***all photos taken by the incredible Karen Mordechai via the Sunday Suppers blog.


AlliSMiles said...

Um, I want to do Sunday suppers with you. Maybe it will make us actually get together!

Melissa said...

I've been craving their compound butter recipes too! If we lived closer, you know I'd be game for a dinner club!

Erin said...

I LOVE that orange and blue dessert buffet. SO pretty.

Kirsten said...
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Amanda Thiessen Photography said...

these still shots are fantastic!