Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Serendipity III

frozen mint oreo goodness (can't remember the exact name) and the Forbidden Broadway Sundae with mint chocolate chip ice cream

Their famous 'Frozen Hot Chocolate' and the "Can't Say No' sundae that is seriously incredible

Hungry yet? I sure am...

If you're visiting NYC, Serendipity 3 has got to be on your 'must see' list. It's quirky and fun and the dessert is absolutely incredible. When I interned here about 6 years ago I went here about every other week with friends and visitors... and probably the sole reason why I gained 10 pounds. A lot of people go here because it's trendy and because it appears in movies like "One Fine Day" and "Serendipity" but I go because it's the best dessert in the world. If you know a place that's better, do tell.

The waits are long, the prices are high at about $8-22 per dessert, and you can't take strollers... but it is so worth it. Trust me on this one (and back me up if you've been here, people). You can make lunch or dinner reservations, but if you just want dessert you'll have to show up and wait in line. The famous Dylan's Candy bar is just down the block and so is Bloomingdales, fyi.

Most desserts will fill you up like a meal, but if you don't want your dinner to be 100% sugar do what we did... split a pizza at Patsy's across the street (we left our stroller there too) and then head to Serendipity for dessert. Their food is pretty spectacular too- check out this MENU

To date, my favorite is the Forbidden Broadway Sundae with mint chocolate chip ice cream. Heaven. If you've been, what is your favorite?


Alli said...

Frozen Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate! I wish I could have an iv of that stuff going into my mouth.

Jenny and Al said...

I am seriously drooling. I have never actually eaten there, but I hear from quite a few sources that it is delicious! I'm wondering why you guys didn't order the $1000 dessert. :)

Christina G. said...

Is it bad to want ice cream at 9am? They look so good.

{Erica} said...

someday I will go there...hopefully someday will be sooner rather than later :)