Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Care-O-Van {My Amazing Brother Warren}

My one-and-only brother Warren is currently on an epic journey through South and Central America.  He and three friends started a non-profit called Care-O-Van, and they are making their way from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Guatemala City, Guatemala.  Warren is putting his Spanish skills to good use (he served a mission for two years in Cherry Hill, NJ, teaching in Spanish), and he and his friends are distributing dental kits at orphanages, day care centers, nutrition centers, and churches.  They are also teaching the children, caretakers, and parents about basic dental hygiene.  Before they left, the Deseret News wrote a story about them, and you can read it HERE

I'm amazed that they wanted to get out there and serve, and didn't leave it up to someone else.  They started their own non-profit, enlisted the help of several Eagle Scout candidates and local church groups to gather donated supplies and put together the kits.  They personally made sure the dental kits were delivered and that the children received basic training on how to use them.  This is an ongoing venture, and they plan to make this part of their lives, rather than just a one-off service project.

Sometimes I don't feel attached to service projects. I grew up doing service projects with my church youth group, and I'm blessed to still participate in service projects with the Relief Society (the women's organization that is a part of our church).  It is fun to tie a quilt, donate goods, help compile materials for a health or education kit, write a letter, etc., but I can only imagine how amazing it must be for these boys to deliver them in person.

They have been traveling for over a month and will return to the US shortly. Check out their website, blog, and facebook page to see what they have been up to. You can donate to their ongoing cause here. It's pretty amazing what they have been doing, and we are so proud of them.  Obviously, there has been some worry involved with an adventure of this scope, but I am so proud of my brother and his friends who have dealt with whatever setbacks have come their way and made the best of this experience. What an amazing adventure.

You can donate to their organization HERE. 


All their gear and goods. Talk about packing light, but packing heavy. I would love to see them get this in a bus or taxi as they make their way north...


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