Monday, June 13, 2011

Wrap it with Wax Paper {Gift Wrap On the Cheap}

Continuing on this theme, I recently sent off a birthday package to my sister Erin. She adores all things letterpress, so I kept my eye out for vintage British letterpress letters on eBay, and when I scored some, I asked family members and close friends to contribute a birthday wish or greeting. The first letter of their sentence had to match the letterpress letter, thus linking the greeting to the little gift.

I printed the birthday wishes/greetings on scrapbook paper, wrapped them around the letter with the printed/colored paper facing out (birthday greeting facing in), and they looked so cute that I just wrapped them with wax paper and tied a bit of baker's twine around a few of the letters.  Have I mentioned how much I love baker's twine? Yes. I have.

I was thinking about the possibilities of dressing up a plain brown shipping box in this same way, perhaps blocking the mailing label or any logos on the sides.  Also, I kind of love seeing part of the gift, but with enough of the paper obscuring the view through the wax paper that it leaves you guessing "what is that?!"

I love unique, inexpensive wrapping ideas- do you have any great ideas to share?


Marina Liao said...


I'm Marina from POPSUGAR ( and I came across this post and I would like to know if I can use one of the photos. I will credit and link back to the original article of course. Let me know how you feel!

If you have any other DIY gift wrap posts you wrote and would like me to share it, feel free to shoot me the links too.


Marina Liao

Lesley said...

Hi Marina! I hope you check back, because you didn't leave contact information for me to get in touch. You're more than welcome to use it with credit. Thank you very much!


Marina Liao said...

Thanks Lesley! My contact is