Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Meaningful Gift-Giving {A few thoughts}

My husband surprised me with a picnic basket for Mother's Day. I've wanted one for as long as I can remember, but what made the gift truly special were the personal touches he added: the hand-cut sign, the drawing he drew, the little treats he filled the basket with, the beautiful peonies that tied together the color scheme.  I was so impressed by his approach and absolutely floored by his thoughtfulness and attention to detail.

As I look towards Father's Day, I'm trying to step up my gift-giving and find a gift that matches the message I want to send. Kyle's message to me: "I want to spend more time with you." There's nothing more flattering or sweet than that.

Friends, I'm curious what kinds of gifts you like to give and receive.  I really struggle with gift-giving because I really try to give my loved ones gifts they can actually use, but that are also personal. How do you achieve this?  Thoughts?


Anna said...

That IS thoughtful. How great!
My mother is an excellent gift giver -- she never just buys something, she always wants it to be something meaningful and enjoyed. I like the idea of gifting for father's day something that either 1) is related to their role as a father or 2) is a gift of appreciation/relaxation for all the hard work they do.

For my husband I got him a groupon for golfing -- because to me it says "here is some time when you can go relax with a friend that is pre-approved" wife being upset you are leaving or worries about spending the money. But I must say I really really love this idea from Jordan Ferney:

Heidi said...

Your hubby did a wonderful job on celebrating you, esp with the handiwork. I will have to ponder on how hand-crafted, thoughtful, and long-awaited gifts combine to create that "wow" effect. Thanks for your posts and LOVE the tourist summary. Good job on capturing it and making 500!

Christina G said...

So cute! What a great husband you have! I often struggle with gift-giving as well (especially since Scott is so thoughtful!!) I also try to give things that are useful, but in a meaningful way. This last birthday I gave Scott a telescope (something that he talks about frequently--plus he loves anything to do with space!) Instead of just giving him the telescope, I centered the whole day around the "space theme" while keeping it adult :) and wrote little notes leading to the next thing. Then I made him a moon cake. He still talks about how it was the best birthday. For our anniversary I really wanted to get a shower head (not very romantic, but our old one was at his shoulders!) so each day leading up to our anniversary I gave him something little that started with a letter in his name. He still has each of the cards hanging by his bed. I think it can be a useful gift, but how you present it is the sentimental part.