Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mahalo! {easy thank you cards}

I try really hard to get personalized thank you cards in the mail when I appreciate someone's kindness. I don't always succeed, but this time Kyle and I made a concerted effort to get thank you notes for all the help we had while we were in Hawaii. We brought tiny hibiscus earrings for the ladies, chocolate covered macadamia nuts for the gents, and a huge fresh Hawaiian pineapple for everyone to share. We came up with this thank you card idea to go along our gifts.

We printed them at Costco with a matte finish and a white border, and then wrote a thank you note on the back. We each stamped our feet in the sand as our signature :) We've done this several times with different pictures, but I think this is by far my most favorite yet.

We're going to do one like this for Christmas, but we'll be holding a handwritten 'thank you!' on a piece of paper in the foreground of the picture (get ready to help us with this one, Erin!)

Try it!


Melanie Williams said...

ooohhhhhh..I love that!!!! You are so creative girl. I tip my hat to you.

erin said...

You should have mentioned how long it took to get the shot since the tide kept coming in and washing away your writing!! :)