Sunday, October 25, 2009

Wailea Luau {Hawaii}

We attended the Wailea Marriot Luau while we were in Maui (also the hotel where we stayed). There was a little local craft show there before the luau began, and I particularly enjoyed watching how leis are made.

We loved the fire dancers and the beautiful hula dances they performed. The narrator presented mythological stories of the formation of the Hawaiian islands while the artists danced. One of our favorite parts was when one of the artists twisted and twirled using two large pieces of white fabric hanging from a tree. It was spectacular!

The fire dancer who performed is the three-time world champion. He was extremely impressive, and I thoroughly enjoyed practicing using a slow shutter to capture some of his motion with my camera.

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erin said...

Those flowers are some of my favorites now. They are so gorgeous, and seeing them on the trees everywhere is so amazing.