Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Misc Maui {Hawaii}

Enjoy these random pictures from our time in Maui... there are lots of pictures of palm trees. I loved the palm trees!

sugar cane

I thought it was awesome that they had hammocks throughout the property at our hotel.

views from our hotel

our favorite snorkel beach (right next to our hotel)

I loved the reflection of the palm trees in the jet black rocks

I was obsessed with the mailboxes here. I could have done a whole series on them (perhaps I will next time we go)

setting sun... and the deepening colors as dusk turned to night...

the 'tranquility pool' at night.


Kel said...

LOVE all of your pics from the island. oh Hawaii. I tell everyone they must go there before they die. but then again, I'm convinced that heaven will be in Hawaii so we'll all eventually get to experience it!

Christina G. said...

That's it. I have to take a class from you. I'm making Scott buy me a camera and I'm going to take pictures of the world :) You really are amazing and I want pictures like yours!