Saturday, October 24, 2009

Maui Sunset {Hawaii}

The first sunset we saw in Maui was spectacular. We ate Vietnamese takeout on our patio and soaked in this gorgeous view. I'd like to go back now, please.

When we travel we always have a set budget for meals. It's great because it keeps us from going crazy spending money, and helps us be creative in finding meals. Usually we will eat breakfast at our hotel (we took breakfast foods with us to save), lunch is usually from a local market or food vendor/stand, and for dinner we try to find a well-priced local restaurant (we don't eat at places we can find at home). In Maui, we found fabulous Vietnamese, Japanese, and Thai restaurants and dined for less than $20 by ordering takeout and picking up drinks at a local grocery store. A local favorite was Maui Taco- I had the best mango chicken taco salad that I will definitely try to replicate at home.

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