Thursday, October 22, 2009

Travel companion {ode to my luggage}

I didn't really think about it until we got to the airport to head for Hawaii, but this lovely piece of luggage has been with me for nearly every adventure I've been on since high school. It was one of my graduation presents, and its first adventure was to Italy and France with my mom, my best friend Jane and her mom only a few days after I finished high school. It was my travel companion to my first semester at BYU, my internship for a semester in NYC, my semester in London, my honeymoon, my internship for a semester in DC, grad school in London, and well pretty much everywhere since. It's been all over the place. And it looks like it too.

Am I the only one who takes luggage on trips for sentimental reasons? I don't think I could leave this home. It would be too sad to be left behind.

ps. although I do have an affinity for this particular bag, I much prefer to travel with my other travel companion in tow- the Mister. He's in the background of the image on the right. He's pretty much the greatest person to travel with. And he carries my bags too :)


Peter said...

I do that too! I have a duffel bag that has thus far survived my travels through South American and the Caribbean as well as my children. My wife likes it and she uses it a lot on trips, but I secretly resent it and want it back, and one of these days I'll get her another one so I can take mine back. :-)

Safe travels!

Melanie Williams said...

Little things like this are why I like you so.