Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Emory {Newborn Portraits}

What a fun session! Newborn portraits, then portraits with mommy, and then portraits with big brother. Good thing little Emory didn't seem to mind, and slept through most of it. You know how they say you've given a great birthday or Christmas gift when you want to keep it for yourself? Well, I feel that way about these pictures of Emory and her mom. We got lovely pictures of our daughter when she was 10 days old, but I'm not in any of them... these make me just a wee bit jealous.

Big brother Carter decided it would be fun to lay down on the 'nest' we were using to photograph Emory, so we got some pretty silly pictures you can see at the bottom.

1 comment:

Bryan and Ashley said...

Those are seriously so precious! You do such an incredible job of capturing the moment Les!!