Friday, November 20, 2009

Hawkins {Family Portraits}

These photos just make me long for fall to stay. I have a love-hate relationship with winter, so I guess I'll pull up these images when I'm longing for warm, golden light-filled evenings. These are some of our best friends and we are oh-so lucky to know them!

This shoot was particularly fun evening because their oldest child thought it would be funny to try my patience and only sit still for about three seconds (sense the sarcasm). It didn't help one bit that he knows me quite well, so he just ignored me. He didn't fall for ANY of my tricks. At the end I thought I'd get clever and whip out the super special chair that he got to sit on for being good- usually that works for a smile or two. But no, this clever little guy just picked up the stool and turned it around so that he wouldn't have to smile at my camera. Cheeky. Though as you'll see, I did get one.

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