Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Rebecca {portrait of a gorgeous redhead}

Seriously, I promise it's not a prerequisite to be photogenic to be my client... but these gorgeous women sure make me look good, don't they?

Meet my cousin. Some people say we look alike. I say that's a tragedy for her, but happy happy for me! She has the most gorgeous red hair and is just about the sweetest person I know. She's bound for greatness, this one.

We shot for 15 minutes (or less) at dusk. We shot till we could shoot no more and got some pretty good stuff. I loved experimenting with a few lighting techniques I wanted to try and Rebecca was such a good sport. We are going to go do photo shoots at least once a month, we decided. Why? Because it's so much fun!

I love these two... and I'll definitely try shooting under a streetlight again

ps. I laughed my head off when I saw a box full of Cheez-Its in her handbag. I love to recall the things I shoved in my backpack on the way to 8am class as a freshman. I think I once took a box of cinnamon Life to snack on. We took this one just for fun:


Amy B. said...

I can see so much of Bill and then all of sudden I see Heidi...it's so cool! And she is soooo Beautiful!

Mari said...

Aw, rebecca is SO sweet. And destined for greatness indeed. And these are fabulous pictures of her!

erin said...

You're definitely fab at headshots.

Rebecca said...

You are so kind, but YOU put up with ME silly. I think you're forgetting who asked who for the huge favor. You are the greatest cousin on the planet and I sure love ya! P.S. It is a BLESSING that I look like you. I'm so lucky!