Monday, November 23, 2009

Scott + Christina {love shoot}

Casual, relaxed shoots are my favorite- I'm all for posed shots (that's what people expect) but I think candids get to the essence of a relationship and communicate true emotion. These images of Scott and Christina tell the story of their love and friendship in a unique way. There are only a few shots where they are actually looking at the camera, and I love that. They couldn't keep their eyes off each other pretty much the whole shoot, so I just let them be! Six months of marriage and they are happy as clams. You know, the almost sickening, nearly unbelievable sort of bliss. Very sweet. At the beginning of the shoot I had them pick out two leaves for the shot you see below, and they sort of just ended up being the running theme for our shoot.

One of my favorite concepts to share with my students is that when you shoot you have the opportunity to create unique images that tell a story. They share essentially the same information, but in a more powerful and memorable way than a regular "everyone look here and smile" image. That's why I strive to capture images that tell the true story rather than a staged one. Lately I have been telling my clients "my job is to capture the moments you create" (maybe that should be my slogan or something) and that usually produces a far better result. I give a lot of general directions and work out posing, etc., but when clients realize that it's up to them to create the camera-worthy moments themselves, it's like magic.

This is the most fun I've had on a shoot in a long time. Thanks for a wonderful morning, you two! You should both probably be models.

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Scott George said...


Thank you for the wonderful pictures! You are great to be with and made the photo shoot such an enjoyable experience! We love your work on this shoot, at our wedding, and we will continue coming back to you in the future. Thank you again!