Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mom & Me {portraits + workshop}

This is the second year I've done this, and was a lovely event, yet again! I invite the mothers in my student ward to come over for a little workshop on how to take better pictures of children, and then we have a photo shoot afterward.

The point is to capture images of moms with their children, since mothers are generally the ones behind the camera. And if you moms out there have the kind of luck I do when it comes to pictures, whenever the rare chance occurs that you are in a photograph with your child, your hair is askew, your makeup isn't done, you are in your pajamas, or the image is blurry. You know, the typical 'the universe is conspiring against you' stuff.

If you scroll down you'll see that most all of these children are smiling. What trick did I use? Good old-fashioned peek-a-boo. Worked like a charm. Wish my daughter would smile at something so simple- I have to jump through hoops of fire while juggling and singing a show tune to get my daughter to look at me and smile. And my husband too, for that matter.

I'm sad to think that I probably won't be around to do this next year, but maybe it's a tradition I can carry on wherever we move.

I love this series. Apparently my peek-a-boos got better and better!

seriously, talk about a heart-breaker!

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