Thursday, November 19, 2009

One year Anniversary {seriously?}

The Mom & Me activity last year marked my first photo shoot- it's funny to think about how stressed and worried I was the night before last year's, and how this year I didn't even think twice about whipping out my camera and taking charge. I guess that's what a year of experience will do to you!

I was thinking about not posting pictures from a year ago because let's be honest, there are things about pictures I posted even last month that make me cringe. I know I won't always feel that way, but I'm grateful to see some progress in a year, and that's for sure.

It was fun looking back to see that three of the moms are still in our ward from last year and came again this year (it's a student ward, so the turnover is insane- it's a miracle when someone stays longer than a year). Their kids have sure changed! And so has my ability to post-process :)

If you're really curious, you can see last year's post HERE.

last year:

this year:

last year:

this year:

last year (in his Halloween costume, clearly)

and this year:


AlliSMiles said...

like i said, you've progressed so quickly!

Brooke said...

You really have learned so much in such a short time. They look GREAT, I am so sad I couldn't come. Darling.