Monday, November 16, 2009

Jonathan + Shauna {Married} Part II

These two are so in love. Can't you tell? From the minute the minute they said 'I do' to the moment they left, Jonathan and Shauna were all smiles...

First two images by Erin

second and third images by Erin

erin captured the next five (some of my favorites- there are too many she took to point out) while I shot formals- I'm only a little jealous :) She's amazing at capturing details:

Reception: Heritage Gardens in Sandy, Utah

last one by Erin

the groom controlled the reception play list with his iPhone. Sweet.

last one by Erin (so sweet! dancing with Grandpa)

First one by Erin. Shauna's grandpa caught the garter- it was hilarious

I love these shots of them leaving the reception... Erin got the shots of them from behind, and I stood next to the car- so you can see who shot which!

Thank you for giving me the pleasure of capturing your day, Jonathan and Shauna. Best wishes!

And thanks again to my amazing second shooter Erin who took so many stunning images (I tried to give her credit where credit is due, but she'll have to forgive me for the ones I forgot!) I will never shoot a wedding without her again. My Dad came for a while to help shoot as well, and thank goodness, he captured so many shots I didn't even think to get. Thanks you two!


Melissa said...

Incredible job, Les! Wow, whoever planned this wedding had some serious style! It is just stunning! I love all the details and moments that you and Erin caught! And the bride reminds me of Chelsea from freshman year, what do you think?

Melissa said...

Amazing! I love them all. It looks like you had a great bride and groom and great light to work with. You captured everything perfectly! Way to, Les!

Amy said... usual. I love every single picture! Way to go!

Annalisa said...

Great Job Les! I am sure they are thrilled with the final product!

Annalisa said...

Oh and Erin too of course.

Jennifer said...

we. are. so. lucky you photographed the wedding. you are simply amazing! (and rinny too!!) heartfelt thanks for all of your hard work. xoxo

Erin said...

Such pretty pictures lesley! Great job at capturing everything so perfectly!

erin said...

You're super cute to mention me on your post. But I was just the backup shooter; you were the mastermind!