Sunday, March 22, 2009

I love getting mail, I just hate sending it.

I've always had a hard time with mailing things. If I have stamps or mailing supplies at my house or I'm good to go. However, if it's a present or a letter without a stamp or packaging, I can think of about 100 things I'd rather do than go to the post office. And I generally do them all first.

I especially have a hard time getting things in the mail that look so cute on my kitchen counter and make me feel productive. I think this little set of baby gifts sat on my counter for over a week before I mailed it to my dear friend and her beautiful baby girl.

Sorry Emily.


Emily said...

They ARE darling. I hated to unwrap them because they did look so cute how you did them, and I still try to recreate your pro wrap roll (minus the ribbon, sadly). Thank you again. :)

And I totally understand about the post office. I need stamps for Morgan's announcements. We were even there the other day, but for passport stuff, and I simply didn't want to wait in line for stamps. I am weak. (Plus, I know there are Bierstadt stamps out there and this post office has disappointed me before in their selection, so it seemed a waste to wait in line...)

Kendra said...

ok...what did you make? It does look beautiful...I need you to teach me everything you know! :)

erin said...

Good thing I have a mailroom at work... makes things much easier.

Dot said...


Thanks for stopping by Dabbled! Would love to see a picture if you make the Easter Basket :)

Your photographs of the wedding are just gorgeous!


Brandon and Jennifer said...

You are so talented! I love your blog!

I would love to go to your photography class! I'm majoring in photography and I haven't gotten to the really exciting stuff yet so that would be fun to see what you do. I guess I can try to get over the fact that you shoot Nikon... ; )

Also, can I be added to your list for your family blog? My email address is Thanks!