Friday, March 20, 2009

A lovely day with Rin

This is the first in a series of posts about my crazy week helping with my cousin's wedding. I was in charge of the flowers (don't worry, I had loads of help) and I was one of three candid photographers :) Erin was one of those three and we had so much fun shooting together and working together all day long... except for when we'd see the same shot and fight for the same perspective. She even let me take a few pictures of her.

Ok, I forced her to let me take a few. She'll get over it.

Erin makes custom wedding books (she didn't start until AFTER I got married, of course, so I didn't get one) and made an absolutely gorgeous book for Katie's wedding. It actually made the mother of the bride cry. She also helped me and my mom with the flowers for the cake, and as always, was more than happy to keep an eye on little E for me.

Thanks for hanging out with me all day long, Erin.


erin said...

Crazy. I don't hate these.

It's a miracle! I like pictures of myself!

stacey said...

yay! i like the shadow picture :). you guys are so cute. i am glad you had such a fun time!! wish i could have been there with you.